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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tapestry?
A tapestry is a hand-sewn wall hanging usually depicting a person or scene. They are a beautiful way to brighten any castle.
Am I able to have it sent to someone else's address as a gift?
Yes, you can! Specify which address you'd like it to be sent to when going through checkout :)
How long is recommended for ordering before Christmas?
If you plan on sewing it yourself, it depends on the canvas size and how fast a sewer you are. The recommended length of time, however, is 4-6 months before Christmas. If you plan on giving it as a gift, then order as per usual.
Can I have a card attached to my kit? And can I specify what it says?
Yes! Just type in what type of card you want and what you want it to say in the Extras box when going through checkout.
How long before my kit arrives?
Via Express post from Australia Post: next business day.
What's the largest size tapestry available?
Currently, the largest size we can make is A3. (297mm X 420mm)
What's included in my tapestry kit?
The printed canvas with the wool colours and number codes, a piece of paper that has the original picture on it with the wool colours, 1 x sewing needle, 1 x needle threader (makes threading that needle so much easier!), a colour card with all your wool skeins tied to it and a pair of scissors. On the back of the piece of paper will be instructions on how to thread your needle, how to make the stitches for your tapestry, and how to tie off the end of your thread.
What can I do if I don't like the way my picture came out?
If you don't like the way your picture came out, send your kit back to us with your order number attached. When we've received your returned kit we'll send you an email asking what you didn't like about your kit and if you'd like a refund or for your picture to be fixed up according to your specifications. Dragon Tapestries is not responsible for any return postage and handling costs incurred. Click here to be linked to our Contact Us page. Send us an email describing what was wrong with your kit - wrong colour card, missing wool skeins, splotchy printing job, etc.
Do I get a refund if I want to return my kit?
Yes, the refund will be given on receival of the returned kit. Please attach your order number to the returned kit. Dragon Tapestries is not responsible for any return postage and handling fees.
Can I use wool from different suppliers?
Not yet but we hope to get it to the point where you can choose which colours come from which supplier.
How can I get back to a Picture I've already uploaded?
When you log in, you will see one or two lists. One shows the adjusted and paid for tapestries and one will show your Work In Progress. Any uploaded pictures that haven't been put through checkout will be in the latter list.
Is there an option to have someone else sew my tapestry for me?
Yes! There is a tickbox when going through the checkout. If you wish it to be sewn for you, check the box. This option does cost you more than our normal tapestry kits.
Why did the chicken cross the road? No rolling your eyes at us, it's a frequently asked question! :D
To pick up the wonderful tapestry kit from Dragon Tapestries of course :-)
But while we're all contemplating this age-old question that's had generations wondering why, join the forum thread about it and/or make a tapestry of a chicken crossing the road.